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Donate Food 

Make a Financial Contribution

Rachel's Table welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and religions who share a commitment to ending hunger and reducing food waste. As a volunteer driver, your responsibility would involve picking up donated food and delivering it to soup kitchens, shelters, or neighborhood centers in Worcester. The driving schedules are flexible, allowing you to choose how much or how little you want to contribute.


Alternatively, as a volunteer dispatcher, you would be responsible for coordinating the pickup and delivery of donated food. Dispatchers operate from the comfort of their homes, using their own phones, and typically fulfill their duties once or

twice a month.


By volunteering with Rachel's Table, you can make a meaningful difference by ensuring that good, nutritious food reaches those in need while simultaneously addressing the issue of food waste.

To Volunteer please contact our Executive Director, Alissa Schimmel at

508-799-7699 or

To donate food, call Rachel's Table at

(508) 799-7600 and leave a message. A volunteer will return your call. Please provide the following information:


- Date and time of your call

- Your name and phone number

- Brief description of the amount and type of food for donation

- Deadline for pick-up


Rachel's Table accepts fresh or cooked food in good condition from growers and businesses. They transport a variety of items like catered food, vegetables, casseroles, pizzas, and fruits, as long as they are safe and in good condition. Donated food must be properly cooled or frozen, and donor guidelines are available. Donors are protected by the Good Samaritan Act, and there is no cost involved. Additionally, businesses may qualify for a tax credit for their cumulative donations at the end of the year. 

Contact Rachel's Table at 508-799- 7699 to discuss organizing a food drive.

Rachel's Table offers an excellent opportunity to make a difference through a transformative program. By combining community food donations and purchased fresh milk, they provide meals to local individuals in need. To sustain their work, they need approximately $3,800 each week to ensure hungry children in Worcester receive milk. In the past year, they distributed 176,000 pounds of food and over 35,000 gallons of fresh milk. With just 8% administrative costs, your donation will be cost-effective. Click here to donate and support their mission of alleviating hunger and making a positive

impact in lives.

Host your own Food Drive or Cook for Rachel's Table

Host a food drive collecting non-perishable goods and Rachel's Table will collect the donations and distribute the food to area shelters, pantries, and soup kitchens. 

Rachel's Table will pick up prepared food and deliver it to an agency in need. 

If you are interested please email or call (508)799-7699

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